Our journey began with a vision shared by James Rodriguez, a world-renowned football icon whose passion for health and nutrition transcends the playing field. His career, marked by incredible achievements and relentless dedication, sparked the creation of Truly Genius. So compelling is our story that we brought it to the screen in a documentary, capturing not just the career of James but also the inception of Truly Genius.

The Genesis: His encounter with advanced Micelle Power Technology, a revolutionary approach to nutrient absorption, set the foundation for what would become a groundbreaking venture in the nutritional supplement industry.

Collaboration and Innovation

James teamed up with leading nutritionists, scientists, and wellness experts, including his personal sports nutritionist Andres Zapata and product developer and co-founder Ziggy Sanchez, to turn his vision into reality. Their collective expertise and innovative spirit led to the development of a suite of supplements that harness the power of Micelle Power Technology. This technology enhances the bioavailability of nutrients, ensuring that every intake is optimized for maximum benefit, transforming how nutrients are delivered and utilized by the body.

Personal Experiences and Innovation

From his personal experiences with omega-3; acknowledging its benefits but frustrated by the fishy aftertaste, burps, and large capsules, James and his team took these concerns seriously. This drove them to innovate a solution that transcends traditional limitations, culminating in the creation of supplements that deliver essential and healthy fats in powder form, with unparalleled bioavailability and absorption.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Driven by our roots in professional sports and our commitment to science-backed health solutions, Truly Genius has set a new standard in the supplement industry. Every product we offer, embodies our dedication to quality, efficacy, and transparency. Each batch is rigorously tested and Informed-Sport certified to ensure that we deliver nothing but the best.

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